Friday, August 17, 2012

Back-to-Back Stallone & Schwarzenegger Trailers

Two of my all-time favorite action stars are back in a big way starting with Expendables 2, which I'm planning to see this weekend, and two upcoming sure-fire blockbusters: Stallone's Bullet to the Head and Schwarzenegger's The Last Stand.

Check out the action-packed trailers below:

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Want to assemble a 1:1 1959 Aston Martin model car?

At first I thought it was a typo but it was indeed a 1:1 1959 Aston Martin model car. Imagine assembling this. And imagine also the price of this...

Included in this insane kit are four Aston Martin wire wheels with Dunlop race tires, a "Mota Lita" 15" wood-rimmed Aston Martin steering wheel, a pair of race seats, an aluminum gear knob and lever, a full dashboard, a replica of the LeMans trophy, and an Aston Martin cap signed by Roy Salvadori and Carroll Shelby, who drove the original to victory at the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Joss Whedon is confirmed for Avengers 2

Finally, all of geekdom can now collectively breathe a sigh of relief as Joss Whedon is finally confirmed to write and direct Avengers 2.  The only problem... 2015 is still too far away!  But at least we know that our favorite Avengers are in good hands.


I'm back!

I've been gone for a long time since I got so busy with my new work and I've concentrated my efforts on my photoblog, (shameless plug!).  But I'm now back and I would just like to say what a wonderful year 2012 has been for us geeks! Two of the biggest comic book movies came out this summer: The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. I love both movies even though I find The Dark Knight Rises a bit lacking. I think it is just that hard to top the comic book movie perfection that is The Dark Knight. And as much as Bane was great in TDKR, nothing would beat Heath Ledger's Academy-award winning turn as The Joker.

We geeks still have movies to look forward to: The Bourne Legacy (some scenes were shot in the Philippines, my home country), Dredd (hopefully they get it this time around) and Resident Evil: Retribution (I love all RE movies!).

That's it for now and it's time to be geeked out again!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

COMICXHUB's X-Men Regenesis Launch Party on Oct. 12th

Calling all X-Men fans!  COMICX HUB is inviting you to the X-Men Regenesis Launch Party on Oct. 12th, from 12NN to 12MN at the COMICX HUB Warehouse, Shaw Blvd., Pasig City.

Sadly, I won't be available tomorrow since I've got a prior engagement :(  But for those of you who can make it, don't miss out on this special event.

Here are just some of the highlights according to the newsletter sent by COMICX HUB:
  • All X-Men and X-Men related compilations in paperback and hardcover are on sale for up to 50% off! Have your collections complete as we even have "X-MEN: PRELUDE TO SCHISM" for only Php500.00!
  • Lucky ones will get the chance to win a variant edition of X-Men Regenesis #1! All purchases within the day qualifies for the raffle draw at the end of the night for a chance to get a varant edition cover of "X-MEN: REGENESIS #1"
  • Plus, witness the launch of our newest service: "In-Store Pick up" where everyone can get their new releases picked up from our warehouse every Tuesday afternoon at an exclusive 20% off until Friday, every week!
  • Drinks and Snacks will be served. All attendees automatically get 50 REWARDS POINTS credited to their accounts, to use when purchasing online.
Contact COMICX HUB at:
“I’ve Got Mine Online”
3F Bloomingdale Plaza Bldg.,
Shaw Blvd.
Pasig City, 1603
T+632 477 8508
F+632 477 8583


Friday, October 7, 2011

Pixar's Tribute to Former CEO, Steve Jobs

The picture above from the official Pixar Web site ( says it all.  Not only would Steve Jobs be missed for his great accomplishments in technology, but also for his contributions in Pixar.

Again, thanks Steve!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs, you'll be missed!

I can't believe how truly sad I am when I learned that Steve Jobs had passed away.  Steve was one of my inspirations when I took on an IT career.  As kids, we were all amazed on how Jobs and Wozniak assembled a personal computer in their garage.  For wide-eyed geeky kids like us, those were the stuff of legends and we dreamed of someday being like them.

Steve Jobs is a true visionary in its purest form.  The products he designed are original, functional and very aesthetically-pleasing.  Even though I have not had the pleasure of owning a Mac,  I know that it is the best platform for personal computing.  I cherish my iPod nano since it changed the way I listen to my music.  I love my iPod touch since it enabled me to take my computer on the go, much more so than the laptop.  And someday I plan to have the latest iPhone and the iPad.

I'm sad that Steve Jobs passed away.  I'm sad that the world would miss all the wonderful products that could have been designed by Steve.  With his passing, at least I'm still comforted with the thought that Steve's legacy would go on through the products that he designed and the people that he have inspired.

Steve Jobs, thank you so much and you'll be greatly missed! :(

Note: The photo that appears above is from the official Apple Web site (

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Teaser Poster

I'm really looking forward to this latest installment in the M:I franchise and I have a feeling that this would be the best among the four movies.  The first was kinda hard to understand, the second had great action courtesy of John Woo while the third had a great villain in Philip Seymour Hoffman.  This poster depicts a very serious Ethan Hunt in a hoodie with a don't-mess-with-me look.  Here's a bit of trivia.  Tom Cruise also donned a hoodie towards the end of Minority Report, which is a great SF film and a personal favorite of mine.

The signature fuse near the bottom is a very nice touch.  All that's missing is the theme song.  For me, it's the perfect teaser poster -- whetting up our appetite for the upcoming movie.  I think the only thing that I don't like is the subtitle, Ghost Protocol.  It sounds too video gamey for me.  But that's just me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Superman/Batman Pencils by Jim Lee

I'm a big admirer of Jim Lee and I've been following him on Twitter.  If you haven't been following @JimLee, then you better follow him now and you will be rewarded by impressive pencils like the one below:

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